You are a Present for the World

You! Yes! You! You have value, a purpose, talent, education, and many competencies. But does the world know? You are a present to the world! Are you giving yourself to it? Are you communicating and integrating yourself with the network of life: family, friends, and the professional community? So much potential is in you waiting to be discovered; are you out there showing it?

Today I would like to challenge you to network. Yes, that big word that brings so much discomfort to so many people. But let me tell you something, again: you are a present to the world!

Networking is about giving. And who doesn’t like to receive a present? When you approach networking with this mindset, everything changes. It is a new perspective! You will not be bothering people; you will be giving, exchanging, relating, entering in communion with the professional community at large and, in the process, knowing and getting to be known.

When it comes to job searching, networking is the most effective strategy. It gives you access to the “hidden market” of jobs. According to statistics, up to 85% of jobs are obtained through networking, and 80% of the jobs are not even posted online, they are automatically filled through – guess what! -NETWORKING!

It is my job as a Career Coach to empower you to network. I can train you to develop dialogues, teach you the etiquette of networking, help you prepare for events, help you leverage your participation in online groups, guide you on how to get the best out of LinkedIn to attract recruiters and key people who can hire you, teach you how to create an agenda for a networking meeting, work on informational networking and inside networking, amongst other things. I can help you grow your network and multiply your chances of getting the job of your dreams through focused and intentional networking strategies.

Ready to start? Open up to a world of possibilities and connections! This will help you grow and develop as a professional, get you a job, lead you to a promotion, or multiply your chances of making positive alliances and attracting customers. The benefits of networking are endless! Be prepared! Open up your soul. Give, give, give freely. You are a present to the world; the world is ready for you! Are you ready for it? Make an appointment and let’s start working towards success in your professional life through this gift you have to offer the world: YOU!

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