“Writing a résumé without doing market research is like trying to fit the wrong piece into the puzzle; it doesn’t work!” (Erica Yanney)

Did you know that the most common reason for not being invited to an interview is an inadequate résumé? Did you stop to evaluate yours?

We need the right outfit for the right occasion, the right key to the right door, the right piece for the right opening in the puzzle, and your job search is no different. You need a specific résumé for a specific job announcement. Companies and positions are different. You can’t expect to use the same résumé for all!

At Altitude, our résumé writing data collection has four phases: market research, branding, career inventory, and Learning and Impact (degrees achieved, development courses, extracurricular activities, languages, software, professional products, awards, and others). Today we want to comment on the first phase – market research. Follow us for the next steps coming up.

Your résumé may be well written, but it won’t attract the long-awaited interview invitation if it does not meet the company’s expectations. Once you clearly understand your values and goals and what you really desire in a position, we lead you to identify ideal opportunities, dream jobs and study the job description in-depth, identifying keywords and competencies required or desired. We also guide you on how to research the company and understand the company’s values, goals, culture, etc. This gives us a clear view of the expectations for the positions you are interested in and helps us identify keywords.

But what is the “big deal” about keywords? Have you ever heard of ATS? ATS is an acronym for Applicant Tracking System. Companies are using AI and software to make the first selection of résumés and save time. The machine is cold! And the selection process is simple; it takes place observing the following criteria: résumés that include the job keywords are selected, those that don’t are not. If you don’t include the specific keywords, you will be eliminated right away!!!

In addition to helping with the ATS, these keywords and skills will guide us in writing the entire résumé! We write what we call a “Base Résumé,” taking into account four dream job descriptions that you provide. We also empower our clients to modify this “Base Résumé” to suit each job announcement, including or substituting key expressions and success stories so that it is a perfect fit for those specific dream jobs.

We work with you side by side, including you in the decision-making process. It is a collaborative process_ and it should be! Because it prepares you for everything else in your job search. By being active throughout the process, you will understand the company, the expectations, and how to articulate your story. You are the leading actor in your job search. A whole learning process takes place during résumé designing that will influence the success of the entire job search execution. It is a differential at Altitude. Recently, I interviewed an International Recruiter, and he suggested that the best strategy for interview preparation is studying your résumé.

Some companies out there simply write a résumé for you, often without the care of customizing, delving into your personal success stories, and preparing you for the subsequent phases of the process. With us, you are coached as you partner in writing your résumé. The result? A much more personalized, unique, and revealing résumé that answers the market expectations, highlights your strengths in the best way possible while deepening your self-awareness and preparing you to articulate your message in interviews and network situations.

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