What is Your Destination in 2021?

We are getting to the end of one of the most challenging years in recent history! We were forced to get isolated; many people have lost their jobs, immigration services were paralyzed, the wait for documents has become longer, entrepreneurs are either in a critical situation or have even closed their doors. We have been challenged to the maximum – some succumbed to all this stress and had difficulties handling their emotions. Frustration, fear, anxiety, irritation, confusion, doubt, insecurity, and discouragement are at a high level.

As professionals, we were forced to a brutal adaptation, without any chance to prepare. We had to learn to work in new environments, change processes, and find new solutions for the specific challenges the pandemic brought us. The ones who lost their jobs see themselves in a market packed with unemployed people striving for their families’ financial survival in the middle of chaos. What to do when the situation is so extreme? How to get away with it? How to take the best advantage of this whole situation and leave it feeling stronger, more competent, and ready to face future situations?

We are in December. A season of joy, festive events, and a time to take stock of the year. Time to celebrate victories, accomplished goals, the growth achieved, breathe deep inside, take a break, check what did not work, and plan the new year.

As a coach, my focus is on growth and development! I help you identify your point A – where you are now – and your point B – where you want to get – and become your partner to identify motivation, mindset, feelings, and beliefs involved in your performance; we broaden your way of thinking, transform your attitude, spot possibilities, establish a plan and walk with you through the implementation of that plan clarifying points, optimizing processes, and changing the direction as needed, always providing encouragement and keeping the commitment to your goals, so you do not give up when facing difficulties.

The New Year always brings a hopeful atmosphere. This year, it is being reinforced by the COVID vaccine arrival, which promises to bring more stability and normality to life in our society. Before moving towards that hope, what about reflecting upon what we have gone through, learned, and accomplished?

A temptation we will incur for sure is to blame COVID for several of our failures, and it probably had a considerable share of guilt over the frustrated projects this year. However, at the same time, as we evaluate 2020, it is necessary to look inside ourselves and see how we reacted to the situations. Did we show flexibility and adaptability? Were we creative when finding solutions? Did we show emotional intelligence as we dealt with other people’s emotions and ours? Which weaknesses did COVID reveal within us? How can we become more resilient to face this crisis’s continuity and the others about to come in the future? What could we have done differently? What will we be able to do differently in 2021? Let us not be prone to blame COVID for everything. Every crisis reveals to us who we are deep inside and brings up possibilities of growth and development we had not seen before. So, let us reflect upon how we react and how we can change to better respond to adverse situations that are still around us and the ones coming in the future!

Who has arrived where they wanted this year? Congratulations! Celebrate with the same level of intensity you worked. The victory is extra-special because you have won it in a very tough year! But it is time to dream the next dreams, establish a new route of growth and development. How about becoming and accomplishing even more? What were the factors that prevented you from getting even higher than you did? Whoever stops walks backward! The market is continuously moving towards innovation and development. How will you innovate in 2021?

Are you any closer to where you wanted to get? Congratulations, too! There’s still a little bit to go until you get there; 2021 will be your victory year! Plan again, adjust the gears a bit better, change some processes and strategies, grow and change a little more. You will go further in 2021! Please do not get discouraged by what is missing, but celebrate the fact you have gotten very close to it in a year full of unexpected events and the most diverse difficulties! You are a winner! Victory is a few steps away!

Have you reached only half of the way? Congratulations on getting there! This year was atypical and has brought many extra obstacles, but you did not get discouraged by them and went halfway. Now is the time to stop and think. What needs to change to make the process more effective? What prevented you from walking the other halfway? Which fears paralyzed you? For which obstacles do you need to find ways to overcome? What needs to change inside you to accomplish more? Is it necessary to work more on adaptability, flexibility, and creativity to be more successful in the middle of a crisis? Transform yourself, change the strategies, renew your strength and courage, and let us face 2021 with new hope, habits, and attitudes to get there.

Are you just walking through life without a clear direction? Did you live 2020 on the survival level? Are you not dreaming and setting new plans? Or maybe, are you facing extreme difficulties along the way that are discouraging you and causing your results to be below expected? Perhaps you are dreaming and trying, but with strategies that are not working? How about stopping for a deep reflection, rethinking your life, finding your passion and the motivating force inside you, defining your purpose, and walking towards happiness and self-accomplishment in 2021? Make a concrete plan; I am here as a coach to help you through this whole process!

Wherever you are on the way between failure and success, the future is before your eyes. 2020 has gone away; what will you make of 2021?

First, evaluate your 2020 about your professional life:

  1. What did I do well?
  2. What was I successful at?
  3. Where did I leave a lot to be desired?
  4. What blocked my performance?
  5. How did I grow in 2020? Or did I get stuck in my career?
  6. How did I change?

And then plan your future:

  1. Where do I want to get by the end of my career?
  2. Where am I, and where do I want to get by the end of 2021?
  3. How can I get a new job or grow where I am in 2021?
  4. What do I want to become in 2021?
  5. How do I want to grow in 2021?
  6. How can I develop my emotional intelligence and work my emotions and relationships, aiming at a high performance?

I want to challenge you to think big, challenge yourself out of the comfort zone, and keep firm in your purposes. We can either feel sorry and complain as victims or take advantage of the lessons learned and prepare with courage and determination to rebuild life post-COVID. Dream! Dare! Plan! Desire is the power that keeps us moving from dreaming to accomplishing thoughts and plans.

Do you need any help? I am always here at your service! Schedule a courtesy meeting and take off towards your goals with the company and direction of a Career Coach determined to help professionals build futures of happiness, accomplishment, and success. Whether you are searching for professional development, a new job, or any other goal concerning your professional life, I was trained to help you become whatever is necessary to get there. And in case you are a global professional who lives abroad, I have a plan specially designed for you who are facing the challenges of cultural adaptation and a professional restart in a new country. Get in touch and let us take off towards a career of success in 2021!

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