UNSTOPPABLE! -How having a defined purpose helps you to not stop in the face of obstacles

I have to warn you that this is not a traditional article. It is instead a series of loose reflections about real-life events. My hope is that as you bear with me through it, in the end, you will feel that the conclusion is worth the consideration and that the conclusion causes a positive impact on your life.

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is a little lost about what to do with her career. She took a nutrition coaching course but decided not to continue working in it. The main reason was the fear of rejection. She was unable to deal with the fact that people questioned the credibility of what she said as a coach and with the fact that in her WhatsApp group, she did not feel any immediate changes. “But do you coach to transform lives or to get a massage on your ego?”, I asked.

How many of us let ourselves be paralyzed by rejection? Rejection at work takes many forms: it is the lack of recognition by the boss, it is the criticism that comes rudely and that never reverts to praise when the employee does something good, it is a negative comment on social media, it is the rejection of groups and cliques within the organization, it is the glass ceiling faced by women and minorities…

During the job search, this fear can paralyze your networking process because you are afraid of judgment, of what others will think of you. It can stop an entire effort to find a new job for fear of rejection in the interviews and the various noes before receiving a yes. This paralysis is a form of sabotage designed to protect us from the pain of rejection and failure. Every sabotage has a reason behind it.

Do you know what the best antidote for this paralysis is? Focus on purpose! Within this conversation with my friend, I recalled the Parable of the Sower. In every career, you plant seeds. Some seeds fall along the way and do not germinate; other seeds even germinate, but other issues suffocate them; now, when it falls on fertile soil, it bears fruit! What matters is that you fulfill your purpose, even if others criticize you or reject what you are doing. If you believe in what you do and know why you do it, why listen to those voices: your own critical voice inside you and the external ones?

During this conversation, I made another comparison, this time with the tulip. You plant the tulip in early autumn, but it will not bloom until spring. Just as each seed has its time, each person has its time. The truth is that a coach can only help someone to change if the person is willing and ready. In addition, it takes a long time for a coach to gain trust and credibility. Some need you to give them countless proofs before they believe that you can do something for them. And so it is with several projects in the most diverse professions. Maybe she had some unrealistic expectations about her performance as a coach.

Leaders need this unconditional service mindset even more! When your focus is on serving others and not on yourself, when your performance is based on love, and you are committed to your purpose, nothing will stop you as a leader! You know why you are doing what you are doing. Criticism and rejection become irrelevant because the fact is: you were created for a purpose and are willing to dedicate your life to that purpose. What others think and say won’t change this truth! The time it will take also doesn’t matter because you are committed to the long-term results, not just to immediate ones. You can indeed reflect on the criticisms and grow with them, thus becoming a better professional every day. The ideal attitude is to maintain a growth mindset and not be stopped by the criticisms, weaknesses, and failures along the way.

Back to my friend’s case, maybe coaching is not her purpose. She is trying out several courses in different areas, and she is questioning herself about which path to choose. Her highest priority in my vision as a Career Coach would be to go through a deep process of reflection on her purpose. She is shooting in different directions, and unless she discovers her purpose and has a clear goal, she won’t get anywhere. Yet, every decision and resolution has its time! For a coaching process like this to work, she has to be willing, ready, and “coachable” (open to the coaching process and to put into practice what is established in the process).

The great truth that I want to highlight in all this — yes, this text did not follow a discourse structure with clear points and navigated through several problems connected— is that when you have a clear purpose defined by your IKIGAI, what you love, what you know the world needs, what you are good at, and which can sustain you, your “flow”, your maximum pleasure, you become UNSTOPPABLE! Nothing can stop you. It is divine; it is your destiny; it is your mission, despite any rejection! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you! You have a purpose to accomplish and, if you don’t achieve it, you will deprive the world and yourself of the benefits of your service. Your performance shouldn’t be focused on your ego and the negative responses along the way, but on accomplishing your mission as a human being to positively affect many lives. The joy you will feel at the end will be priceless.

Please, continue! Go ahead! Do not stop! Understand your purpose and focus on it! The world needs your service, even if some people criticize you! Become unstoppable!

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