The Superprofessional Who Overcame COVID Challenges: a Résumé for 2021

Up, up and ahead! I hope this is your attitude if you want to job search in 2021. With a market full of unemployed professionals, you will need all your strength, determination, and courage to break through the recruitment barriers and win! COVID has brought several challenges to professionals, including dealing with unemployment and job searching in a market packed with companies fighting to survive and many professionals looking for available jobs. But every crisis also brings opportunities and possibilities with it. 

In recruitment processes characterized by a behavioral focus, your reactions to COVID challenges are an unbelievable opportunity for recruiters to understand who you are in a time of crises. How about taking advantage of that and writing your superhero saga against COVID in your résumé?

It’s worth mentioning that this exercise is also valid for all professionals who are employed. Recording your stories of success and keeping your career inventory up-to-date is always a good idea. To write it down while the details are still fresh in your memory results in a story richer in detailed information and avoids the difficulty of remembering distant facts in the future, besides keeping your résumé updated, making you ready to apply to unexpected opportunities.

So, here we go! What could be part of this superhero résumé story?

  1. New competencies developed as a response to COVID – Did you learn how to manage meetings remotely? Did you improve your social media communication? Did you recreate protocols for your company? Did you adjust processes to the new reality? Did you change the way you interact with clients? Did you invest more in your technological competence? Did you give any online classes or trainings and incorporate technological innovations into them? 
  2. Initiatives of Professional Development during the Pandemic – Did you lose your job? Did you take advantage of taking any online courses? Did you start a postgraduate course? Did you get a certification? How did you take advantage of the commute time? 
  3. Volunteering for important causes – Did you help your community in any way? Did you act as your kid’s teacher? What results did you get from these tasks? Which competencies did you demonstrate through the process?
  4. How you showed your leadership potential – How did you develop your soft skills? How did you interact with the people in your team? Did you take care of your coworkers? Did you show empathy? Did you try to be a source of support to people around you? Did you cooperate? Were you proactive? Did you contribute creative ideas? How did you manage your and your team’s emotions? Did you go beyond your comfort zone to help your company face the challenges that came with the new situation? Did you take on the coach role helping your crew develop their potential towards new solutions to the company? Did you defy limiting mindsets and beliefs? Did you motivate your team? What results did you get? What solutions did you find? What reactions and feedback did you receive about your leadership during this moment of crisis? 

Crises put us to the test. How did you do in yours? How did you deal with the situations? What did you learn? Use the narrative about the COVID crisis to your advantage in the résumé. It will make a difference! Prove your potential to work under pressure in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) context. A professional who knows how to survive and make a difference in a crisis is a highly desirable professional. Make it clear in your résumé how successful you were and be prepared to answer questions about your behavior during this crisis in the interviews to come as well. Show the superhero you are – a “SUPERPRO”!

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