The Five Magical Words of Networking

The article is short today. It’s so because the power is, in fact, concentrated on five very simple words. What I’m sharing is really elementary, but at the same time very powerful. Someone requests you to be added, someone follows you or, if you have the LinkedIn Premium, you see a certain person visited your profile. What to do next? Again: it’s pretty simple, but extremely powerful at the same time!

You send a message:

Hello, how are you? Thanks for following me/ the connection/ visiting my profile.

How can I help you?

That simple! With the five words “How can I help you?” you start to interact with a new connection. Only God knows what will come out of it. It can be astonishing and, sometimes, change your life completely. But you need to be open to that. Some connections will go on, others not, but the what is important is to meet people in your area, engage with them, and exchange ideas and information that might be useful for both.

“But do I have to connect with people I’ve never met before, that I don’t know?”, a perplexed client asked. We were on a telephone session. I couldn’t see her face, but I could feel all her agony in her voice! Are you one of those people? What do you do when someone connects with you on LinkedIn? Just ignore?

This phobia of strange people is taught to us in childhood and has the purpose to protect us. But you’re not a child anymore, and I hope you know how to interact without exposing yourself to the Internet dangers. Never share your address, pin codes, identification or highly personal information. Be wise! But, please, get rid of this fear and open yourself to the world! There are exchanges, growth, work opportunities, and who knows what else waiting for you.

So, YES!!! Networking implies showing yourself to unknown people! By networking, I met fantastic people whom I could help, who helped me and still do in my journey. It has been wonderful to exchange with people from several parts of the world! Being open to the world is an attitude of courage that, when balanced with wisdom, can bring fantastic results to your life!

Networking is one of the secrets of professional success. If you are job searching, networking can be the way by which you’ll get a job. Eighty percent of the hiring happens by networking, not to mention the hidden market of jobs that are never posted online and are automatically filled this way. Start to practice it today! If you need help, get in touch and we’ll help you develop that exchange relationship that brings huge and uncountable benefits.

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