The Benefits of Networking

Many of us have already heard about networking, but what does it really mean? The network process is about developing relationships. Networking is also an exchange process: of information, influence, and favors in which there is a mutual benefit. The principle is very humane. The human being is a social one who grows and blossoms through contact with other people. It is real in life as a whole, and it is also true in professional life. Success and networking walk together, hand in hand! I could not emphasize enough how important networking is. But why?

There are a number of benefits that come from networking. I’ll mention some here.

  1. Networking helps you learn – Learning does not end at the university. The present world changes quickly, and it is necessary for the professional always to learn and adapt to the new circumstances. And how we learn from our social interactions! Sometimes, we do not even realize it! Sometimes we are students, some others we teach. The liberality in sharing knowledge and support among professionals can only bring positive results for both sides. Participate actively in professional communities, learn and share your experience. 
  1. Networking keeps you up-to-date – Connecting with professionals in your area will keep you in contact with the latest trends in your field. Taking part in professional associations is always highly productive besides being an excellent addition to the resume. Whoever participates in groups and associations in their area gets a head start because they are in the loop of the latest technologies and novelties through the organization’s events, lectures, webinars, conferences, and publications. It adds much more value to the company and develops a positive image of leadership and innovation.
  1. Networking brings visibility – Whoever is in professional and social events inside and outside their company is being seen, interacting, and making themselves known. Nobody will acknowledge the value of a person who is hiding. To grow professionally, one should be highly engaged in the company’s events and in the professional community, always with a helpful and friendly attitude. 
  1. Networking brings recommendations to your job search – As you connect with others and serve them, you will naturally gain many people’s sympathy. When you help someone, the person gets interested in doing the same for you in return; it is a natural movement in life. In addition to this, if you make a good impression as a professional, it will make people more comfortable to recommend you for a job. To be introduced to a recruiter or hiring manager by a mutual acquaintance is the best way to get a job. If you are well-connected and have nurtured your relationships since college, you will have created several possibilities for this to happen.
  1. Networking is the best way to get a job in your dream company – If you plan your career well, going through the whole process of self-knowledge, idealization, visualization of steps towards your objective, and selection of companies that match your purpose and values, networking is the tool that can make you get there. If you love a certain company, you can use networking as a tool to connect with people from that company, develop long term relationships, create connections, and be introduced to the people with hiring power by a recommendation, raising your chances of being selected and hired enormously. 
  1. Networking favors promotions – Many times, between a professional making himself or herself known and a highly competent one that remains locked inside looking for solutions to the company, but does not socialize, the company chooses the former. Being a leader implies establishing good relationships, showing genuine concern about people, and an attitude of service. All that can be shown through networking. Moreover, networking gives you the chance to expose your competencies and market yourself, but always remember to keep a humble spirit and common sense to do it at the right time and in the right way.

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