Opportunities for Immigrants Do Exist – A Word of Encouragement

I’m working with an American recruiter on writing his resume. As I have access to the assessment documents, awards, and forms that he has filled with information, I realize that his differential is hiring professionals from ethnic minorities. I also understand all the effort his company has made – which name I may not mention, but it is a large and recognized global company – to establish a culture of equality and diversity acceptance.

The Five Magical Words of Networking

The article is short today. It’s so because the power is, in fact, concentrated on five very simple words. What I’m sharing is really elementary, but at the same time very powerful. Someone requests you to be added, someone follows you or, if you have the LinkedIn Premium, you see a certain person visited your profile. What to do next? Again: it’s pretty simple, but extremely powerful at the same time!

Communication Checkup

It has never been so important to master the art of communication. In times of pandemic, when text messages via applications, emails, or social media posts have become a means to transmit knowledge, data, ideas, and opinions in a more intense way, it’s fundamental to have the necessary competence to communicate in the most effective way possible.