Study the Work Market and Invest In Compatible Companies

We have already written about the importance of having a well-written curriculum that is appropriate to the market demands, about the importance of knowing yourself as a professional and knowing how to articulate your characteristics and history, about the need to use and constantly evaluate multiple strategies, about the need to prepare for interviews and about the practice of networking. Today our theme is: work market and companies.

It seems obvious, but a large percentage of professionals do not stop to think about it: you need to know your destination! When someone plans a trip, they have to research the addresses, the process to obtain a visa, what the most important tourist spots are, the most interesting restaurants, you have to take a dictionary and learn some basic expressions (like “yes”, “no”, “please”, “where is the bathroom”, etc.), in a nutshell, plan your survival and well-being. The more you plan the trip and become familiar with the maps, the better you enjoy it and are more efficient in finding more oportunities for fun and discovery along the way, because you choose the best routes. Job search is like that too!


  • Have you ever stopped to think over the ideal company profile for you according to your experience, your values, your knowledge, your history and your personal preferences?
  • Have you talked to employees at companies you are applying for and researched how the work environment is and the employees’ satisfaction level?
  • Do you understand how companies work?
  • Do you understand the goals of the companies for which you are applying?
  • Do You know its values? Its reputation?
  • Do you know if there will be any ethical conflicts?
  • Are you able to identify what most companies want from a candidate?
  • Are you prepared to articulate a persuasive, focused and directed-to-the-expectations speech to the companies for which you are applying?
  • Do you believe you will be happy there?
  • Does the company offer opportunities for professional development and growth?

Our proposal to you:

Most candidates do not even think about that part! At Altitude, our goal is not just to help you get a job, but to help you identify the job or jobs in sequence (sometimes you have to go through intermediate jobs until you get the job of your dreams) and the ideal company that will contribute for your professional satisfaction according to your personal values, profile and preferences and that will give you opportunities for professional development and growth. We guide you to a career path that allows you to carry out your mission and achieve long-term job satisfaction. There is something beyond employment and survival to long for! Employment is not an end in itself, but a means of fulfilling your mission as an individual, serving humanity and finding satisfaction and professional fulfillment — and that only happens if you know how to choose the right company, a company that besides being a good “marriage” for you, will allow you to grow and develop. Get in touch and start expanding your vision in this direction!

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