Review Your Strategies

We have already written about resumé/curriculum and self-knowledge; today we are writing about strategy.

Strategy is everything in life! Sometimes it is the difference between minutes and hours of work; between months and years of work; and ultimately, it can mean the difference between defeat and success. If you have tried, tried and tried and failed to achieve your goal, you need to change your strategy! Whatever you are doing, it is not working. You need to seek other ways to reach your goals!


  • Are you posting résumés aimlessly, shooting everywhere around you, or are you a focused candidate who uses multiple and appropriate strategies according to your professional history and circumstances, applying to carefully selected positions?
  • Do you practice networking or live in your own world only posting resumés online?
  • Do you seek for voluntary activities and professional development in your field of expertise or only play video games, watch movies and surf social networks without a purpose?
  • Are you frustrated by multiple months, even years, of unsuccessful searching?
  • Have you ever taken time to think of other ways to achieve your goals?

Our proposition to you:

Yes! We again! Altitude is here to help you define new strategies, explore and evaluate new flight routes as you go. The flights are multiple and for each flight we need to review the flight equipment (you), plan future trips (strategies) and analyze how high we fly and how close we get to the final destination: you employed! It is a continuous process supported by a professional who knows the routes, has a broad market vision and gives you an external view of the process (which in the midst of your own internal processes you may not be seeing). At this point, a Career Coach has a flight controller function, preventing unnecessary mistakes and collisions. Do you want to benefit from all of this? Contact us! Take advantage of everything Altitude has to offer!

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