Opportunities for Immigrants Do Exist – A Word of Encouragement

I have worked with an American recruiter on writing his resume. As I had access to the assessment documents, awards, and forms that he had filled with information, I realized that his differential is in hiring professionals from ethnic minorities. I also understood all the effort his company – which name I may not mention, but it is a large and recognized global company – has made to establish a culture of equality and inclusion. He is praised exactly for identifying female and ethnic minority talents to be part of the company’s top management, to show the company’s commitment to these values even at the higher levels.

What does this mean for us immigrants?

  1. Opportunities for immigrants with work permits exist and are encouraged by
  • Quotas exist for candidates from ethnic minority groups.
  • If you prepare yourself by studying English, developing in your area, and going after desired competencies in the market, there is room for you.
  • It is worth investing in professional development, even as an immigrant!

Are there any challenges? There are. Will it be an easy journey? No. But if you have an internal commitment to yourself and work on your inner transformation to deal with the challenges that arise, you will get there!

The other day, as we were encouraging our daughter, my husband mentioned that Thomas Edison had thousands of failures before creating the electric lamp. Researching more, I found that he had failed 9,000 times before he managed to create a battery.

In a sentence, what I want to say today is: “Don’t give up!”. Don’t let obstacles discourage you. Failures will be a part of any ventures. We learn through them. And it is possible to learn! You probably don’t know everything you need; you must become what you need to be to achieve what you want.

Nothing is an eternal obstacle:

• You do not have a diploma, work to have one!

• Don’t have the skill, practice to have it!

• Do not have the vision; seek to broaden your horizons and eliminate the bonds of your mind!

• You don’t have the money, look for ways to get it or to get help, a loan, a scholarship, etc.

Do not focus on the problem, but on solving the problem. Don’t focus on who you are now, but on who you want to be. Pursue your purpose with determination. Be willing to fail forward over and over again. Don’t let anyone at your side put you down with negative speeches. The possibilities are endless, as the world is infinite. The question is: With what mindset and spirit will you face the world? The world often says no, but the ones determined and committed to a cause who have a clear and defined purpose will conquer their place.

I love this phrase: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you get it wrong, you will land among the stars” (Vincent Pale). Go ahead! Do not give up! Opportunities are there for you!

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