Ladies and Gentlemen: Fasten your Seatbelts on the Flight to a New Job in 2021!

Unemployment was one of the factors that affected several families in 2020 due to the pandemic crisis. Unemployment creates anxiety, affects self-confidence, and puts the unemployed and their families in a position of discomfort and insecurity. As the New Year arrives – and the new vaccines, too – our hearts are full of hope for 2021. Are you one of those who lost their jobs? I want to help you! I ask: are you ready for a successful job searching journey? The market is packed! The winner will be the professional best equipped to win the job searching race. So here are some suggestions to help you win and be hired in 2021. 

1 – Include in your reflections about 2020 an analysis of what you accomplished professionally – Think about the value of what you did as a professional and how you impacted the company where you worked. Extend that process to all your professional history. Make a career inventory recording all your successes and results. Get to know yourself as a professional. Identify your differential and the best you have to offer to the market. It goes for all the professionals, not only the ones job seeking. It is paramount to keep your career inventory up-to-date with your most recent success stories. It helps you to market yourself because it defines your proposition of value. This practice helps you to clarify why you are a good professional and how you achieved success in what you did. It makes it possible to clearly articulate the message you are going to convey to the recruiter or your boss: “It is worth it to hire or promote me for this, this, and this reason. I produced the results X, Y, and Z!”

2 – Search for professional guidance to write your résumé – Nowadays, the expectations for résumés are pretty different from those of 20 years ago. You will need advice, especially if you were employed for an extended period of time and have not revised your résumé in the last years. Besides that, in a fierce and such competitive market, having a résumé written by a professional can make a tremendous difference at the moment of recruitment, helping you stand out in the crowd. Many today have turned to Professional Résumé Writers; you will be competing with such candidates! At Altitude, we count on a certified and experienced Résumé Writer who is exceptional! As partners, we write your résumé in an effective way to meet the market’s expectations and exponentially increase your chances of being invited for an interview!

3 – Have a champion LinkedIn profile and use all its tools – By using LinkedIn, you make an appearance at the recruiter’s most used social media platform to select job applicants. Many companies do not even advertise their vacancies, they look for ideal profiles on LinkedIn. There is a hidden job market to which you only have access through networking and interaction in this social media. Learn from us which elements are essential to create an “All Star” profile, take advantage of the settings, and strategically take advantage of LinkedIn’s possibilities for media presence, professional marketing, and networking. 

4 – Invest in the best and most effective job searching tactics – Be guided, oriented, and encouraged to apply proven success tactics in job searching through a Career Coaching process! There are several strategies to increase your exposure, interaction, and attraction of job opportunities. It is worth investing your time and efforts in a proper and right way; otherwise, you will end up frustrated because you are using strategies that do not work anymore! Decide to win this game! Put yourself in a position of advantage over other applicants as you get acquainted with tested job searching tactics of success and know how to use them. Besides that, Altitude uses coaching strategies to motivate you, eliminate limiting beliefs and mindsets, and develop you towards your best professional performance! Get all the support and guidance you need here at Altitude!

5 – Prepare yourself adequately for the interviews – After so much effort in the process, you do not want to be eliminated in the final step, do you? Invest time in preparation. Be oriented by a professional who can guide you to a spectacular performance in the interview! Invest in yourself and your success! There is a lot to learn concerning preparation for interviews: how to structure answers, the right actions at the right moments, emotional preparation, guided practice for delivering the message, tactics to learn, salary negotiation, and much more. Avoid not being hired for not knowing it all. Invest heavily in this final step so you don’t blow it so close to the finish line!

Was the year 2020 the one in which you lost your job? 2021 can be the year of your victory! The year you will get into the market prepared to win and fly high towards your dream job! It is possible! Believe it! Get ready! Contact Altitude to get all the help you need! Have a Happy 2021 – with a new job!

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