We have already written about the importance of having a well-written curriculum that is appropriate to the demands of the work market, the importance of knowing yourself as a professional and knowing how to articulate your characteristics and history, the need to constantly use and evaluate multiple strategies and about the need to get prepared for interviews. Today our theme is: Networking, the process of establishing contacts with key people with the objective, in our case, of growing professionally.

Approximately 80% of available positions are not even advertised, they are filled internally or through networking. Of those published, 80% (again!) are filled through networking. Do you have any doubts that you need to invest in this strategy? It is the most efficient strategy, yet the most resisted by the candidates, because of false conceptions about it and the ignorance of how to effectively EXCHANGE, in this mutually beneficial process for the parties engaged in the process.


  • Who is in your network?
  • How can you expand your network?
  • How can you use the networking process to your advantage in a new job search?
  • Do you have an account at LinkedIn?
  • Is your profile complete and well written?
  • Do you simply have a LinkedIn account or do you really use LinkedIn’s full networking potential to your advantage?
  • What are the barriers that prevent you from connecting with key people?

Our proposal to you:

Altitude Career Coach can guide you through the whole process and all the possibilities of networking, in addition to making you discover some specific opportunities for your case. Why resist this strategy, which is the most efficient way to get a new job position? How about learning how to network effectively? Let us help you with updated, tested and proven information and networking strategies! Contact us!

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