This list of resources is a comprehensive compilation created to help immigrants like you succeed in the United States.


Pre-Arrival Advice

Before traveling to the U.S., know what your trip involves.

The United States

As you have chosen this great nation as your new home, you should learn the U.S culture, laws, government system, geography, demographics, history, etc. It will help you adapt faster.

Free-English Learning

Mastering the language will make an enormous difference in your immigration process. Start to study it as soon as possible and improve it to the highest level you can before coming to the U.S.; keep improving it after you immigrate.

Required Documentation

The Immigration Services require a long list of documents and proofs to apply for the immigration process. All of them must be certified translated into English. Check and do not miss any of them!

Visa Orientation

If you have any questions about which visa you should apply for or how to start the process to get it, you will find some orientation here.

Social Security Number

Every resident in the U.S. must have a Social Security Number – SSN card as personal identification and a record of employment earnings.


It is essential to have accommodations prepared for you and your family before coming to the U.S. Read all about renting or buying a place you will call home.

Internet and Phone Number

Contract communication services when you get to the U.S.

Moving Companies

The moving services in the U.S. are probably quite different from your home country. Find the ways people can do it here.

Bringing your Pet to the U.S.

Do not leave your pet behind. Know how to proceed to bring this particular member of your family safe and sound to your new home.

Driver’s License

Before buying a car, you need to get a license to drive it. Laws may differ by state. Get to know the schools providing this service and the support you can get from the government.

Buying a car

Depending on where you settle in the U.S., you will need a car to move around. Learn the ways you can get one as an immigrant.

Job Opportunities

If you find a job before arriving here, the better it is. Otherwise, you will need to do it as soon as you settle down. Get information about how to prepare an effective résumé, train for an interview, learn about the worker rights, and the support you can get from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Starting a Business

Do you want to be an entrepreneur in this country? You can find support and orientation from other immigrants and business specialists to start right and avoid failure.

Bank Account and Credit History

Opening a bank account is essential to keep your financial movement and create a positive score in your credit history that will allow you to have a credit card, apply for a mortgage, or even engage in other types of transactions.

Budget and Taxes

Keep your budget under control and understand all the issues concerning taxes in the U.S.

Benefits Programs

Some benefit programs in this nation support diverse aspects of immigrants’ daily lives. Please take a look at some of them.

Retirement and Pension

Immigrants can qualify for Social Security benefits based on their earnings and the number of years they paid into the system.

Health Care

People who live in the U.S. pay for their medical care. Immigrants can get their health insurance through their employer or buy it independently.

School for Children

Public schools are free of charge from kindergarten to grade 12. Research the school system and find a good one for your kids.

Child Care

As you get a job, you may need someone to watch your children while you are at work. Search for information, references, and recommendations on choosing a quality program for your child.

Higher Education

If you are interested in enrolling in a college or university, you can find orientation about community colleges, colleges, universities, and financial aid programs available.

Safety and Emergency

Depending on the area you settle in, it is a matter of security to know the likely dangers and learn what to do if disasters occur.

Expats and Immigrant Communities

As an immigrant in a new land, if you make friends and network with other people from your home country in a local community, you will find it easier to adapt and belong.

Cultural Adaptation

It is a natural process as you start to live your new life here. It is just a matter of understanding the local culture and being perseverant.

Intercultural Communication

Develop communication skills and competencies to understand the cultural differences and interact with Americans and other immigrants from all over the world.

Upskilling Opportunities

Multiple organizations in the U.S. provide training and resources to develop the immigrant workforce skills and make them suitable for the employment market demands.

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer work is a well-seen activity in this country, especially in times of need. Join an organization that provides service to the community and the needy.

Permanent Resident Rights and Responsibilities

Once you settle down in the U.S., make sure you know all your rights and responsibilities as a resident in this country.

Legal Support

If you need a lawyer or specialized legal assistance for any situation, find some help below.

Support for Refugees and Asylees

Several organizations in the U.S. offer support and help to people leaving their country for security matters seeking shelter and protection.

Green Card and Citizenship

These are the dream of every immigrant in the U.S. Follow the required and necessary steps to become eligible and achieve this goal.

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