I immigrated to a new country, now what?

Did you know that companies have a lot of openness for cultural diversity and even an interest in having a diversified team? Did you know that with time you can conquer your space and get the job of your dreams with study and determination? I know it all seems very difficult and confusing now, but many immigrants have achieved long-term success. It’s possible!

Whether for marriage, as an expatriate or their significant other, or for any other reason, many find themselves in a new country wondering what to do and how to start over professionally in a new country. The global professional is our focus at Altitude. As the immigrant I am, I found myself in this same situation eighteen years ago, and today I am happy to help other professionals find their way in their new country.

The first step is to master the language. Seek a Corporative English Trainer or Coach to elevate your English Skills for the job market. If you came following someone and don’t speak English well yet, immersing yourself in the culture and studying hard makes it possible to master the language in 2 or 3 years to the level necessary to work in the corporative world. It is the best investment you can make: developing mastery and fluency in the language. It may be challenging, but it will open up opportunities for you to grow and succeed.

Another step will be to translate and have your diplomas evaluated and acquire an equivalence certificate by an accredited institution. In a good part of the cases, credentials are accepted, and you can move straight forward with your career plans.

A third step would be to verify the qualifications and certifications required in the area you want to work in and, if necessary,  pursue the required professional development. In some cases, a Masters’s or some certification may be required to engage fully in your profession (e.g., Counseling and Social Work).

I know it is a little disheartening to go back to school to study extra when you already performed your duties well in your original country. But on the other hand, it’s a highly enriching experience! Learning never ends anyway, and the university may be a great way to know more about the culture and update your skills. Besides, what is two, or even four years, compared to the rest of your life? Acquiring more knowledge will never be a bad choice! Think of the rewards.

If cost is a concern, there are scholarships, student loans, and many ways to accomplish this goal. So, define your short-term, medium-term, and long-term career objectives and start taking steps towards them.  You can begin with an entry-level job or assistant role and gradually move up. Never stop believing you can grow and pursue career advancement abroad!

You can also explore other options and find a career with lesser requirements that is a good fit for you. It is not always necessary to have a college degree to find career success and fulfillment. Some very profitable options don’t require them. Possibilities are many and varied! There are many paths for you to explore. The essential goal here is to find happiness through a path of advancement that matches your dreams and aspirations.

Being an immigrant requires adapting and facing the extra challenges with positivity, determination, and courage! Many come with hopes for a better future, but they settle down and do not establish careers that bring professional happiness and contentment. Survival is the first concern, but we need to take steps towards our purpose and dreams in the long run if we want to find total happiness. Those who stop miss the joy of continuous growth and development that brings that wonderful feeling of success and self-realization. Life is movement! Don’t let the barriers you find in your way make you stop. Keep progressing!

At Altitude, our goal is to help immigrants in this journey of transformation and career advancement abroad. Plan your career, pursue professional development, challenge yourself, and find professional happiness in your new country. If you need help in the process, we are here for you!

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