Have a Phenomenal Résumé!

Today, we will talk about the résumé. It is an essential document in job searching! It is what is going to ATTRACT (or not!) the recruiter. If it is not well written or does not meet the recruiter’s expectations, all your chances will end right there, at the first step of the process. Therefore, there is nothing more FUNDAMENTAL in job searching than having a well-written résumé adequate to the expectations of the job market.

Think about it!

  • Is your résumé an exciting story that describes your competencies, accomplishments, and soft skills, or is it a chronological and boring sequence of performed functions?
  • Does your résumé have keywords selected from the job description and the correspondent company website you’re applying to, or does it not relate to them at all?
  • Is your résumé well organized and visually structured, without embellishments that will complicate your screening by the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or AI (Artificial Intelligence), or is it a visually unstructured and adorned résumé that will be eliminated by computers and recruiters?
  • Is your résumé written in market language using ‘trendy’ and modern terms in your field, or are you totally out of date and do not know them?

Our proposal to you:

You need advice from a specialized person to prepare an adequate and impressive résumé! At Altitude, we have an incredible Résume Specialist who studied Résumé Writing at the University of Maryland and is a member of the Professional Association of Curriculum Writers and Career Coaches (PACR/CC). She does a fantastic job! Our process is in-depth and detailed. First, the Career Coach surveys the relevant data with you. We start by researching the market, understanding the language of the job announcement and respective company website, and follow up with a survey about the entire story of the client, identifying competencies, accomplishments, and everything the professional has to offer to the market. In this process, the professional gets to know himself/herself and starts to learn how to articulate their professional experiences more efficiently and adequately, a competence that will be useful in the interview process and throughout their professional life.

Another singularity and value in our process is the attention to the new trends in résumé writing and the screening process by ATS. The modern résumé should not be written the same way it was 20 years ago! Technology, the advance of social media, and the communication process, transformed the way professionals promote themselves!

Therefore, take advantage of all this knowledge and process that will transform you in a better professional! Our proposal to you is this: let us help you write your résumé! You will not regret it! Our résumé will raise your recruiting chances exponentially! Let ALTITUDE help you write your résumé! Does it require some investment? Yes. But it is an investment that will be paid for in your first month of work.

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