Get Prepared to Impress in Your Interview

We have already written about the importance of having a well-written curriculum that is appropriate to the demands of the market, about the importance of knowing yourself as a professional and knowing how to articulate your characteristics and history and also about the need to use and constantly evaluate multiple strategies in a focused and intentional way. Today our theme is: preparation for interviews.

After such long academic journey and preparation to take a flight in the work market, you need to go through a portal. A portal through which only the bearers of certain “virtues” considered fundamental in the job market can pass through. Are you prepared to cross this portal?


  • Do you study the company for which you are being interviewed in depth or do you go “on a wing and a prayer”?
  • Do you spend time thinking of possible questions and answers or remain full of hesitations like “er…”, “um” and silences during the interviews?
  • Have you developed the ability to maintain your emotions under control when under pressure?
  • Have you developed the ability to articulate and clearly communicate your skills and characteristics related to what is expected in the position you are competing for?
  • Have you learned to structure your questions in an objective, concise, clear and intentional way?
  • Are you clearly aware of your weaknesses and have you been trying to grow and solve these problems?
  • Are you clearly aware about what sets you apart and makes you unique as a professional?
  • Do you know how to maximize your strengths and take advantage of them?

Our proposition to you:

Yes! I will not get tired of saying this: we can help you in all these aspects! We have a well thought out and very comprehensive training to prepare you for multiple possible circumstances in interviews and selection processes. Why fumble around after so much preparation and effort when you can get prepared to impress and conquer the next one? Contac us!

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