What to Do When Your Dream Does Not Fit In Your Current Reality?

How do you choose a path in a world with so many options and so many possibilities? Do you have a dream life in mind? And what if your dreams don’t fit into your current reality? What to do? Is it the end of the possibility of happiness for you? Are you doomed to be unhappy forever?
Choosing a career involves knowing what future you want to build for yourself. In a universe of possibilities, what guides the process? Desires, drives, values, and passions are the force that motivates us into a certain direction. So, to choose a path, you will need to develop self-knowledge and great awareness about them. You will need to investigate who you are, what you love, the world causes that appeal to you, and your values. You will need to understand your strengths, weaknesses, your profile, and tendencies and then idealize, research, explore, and experiment with possible pathways for you.
After you go through this process of idealization and understanding about what makes your soul sing and where your strengths, values, and desires intersect, then comes the process of planning and turning your dream into a concrete reality. The harsh truth about it is that survival comes first. It is essential to dream! But dreaming is not the complete solution. So, now you have to navigate through thinking about how to financially survive while pursuing degrees, courses, and acquiring the necessary experience to thrive and make your dream come true.
That is when many get stuck! The ideal may seem so distant and impossible. Many people unhappy in their professions and searching for a career change feel forced to choose: either I have the happiness, or I go for financial stability. But I want to ask: are these the only two options? Or can we choose from a broader perspective? Can we see conciliatory possibilities on this path?
So here are some suggestions to broaden your horizon of choices and find some possibilities of happiness for yourself if you are feeling stuck:

1.      Explore the world around you – I guarantee you that there are career possibilities that you haven’t imagined or thought exist that might have the exact mix of what you are looking for. I recently pointed out to a client with a degree in administration and a passion for social work that a new profession is establishing itself in the market: Social Responsibility Manager, an employee who plans social initiatives to help companies exercise their social responsibility. Can you figure out a way to make the financial needs and your purpose harmonize? Scholarships, loans, special programs, or alternative roles can help. Go out there and search for opportunities.
2.      Don’t limit your dreams and don’t give them up – There are many ways to incorporate your goals into your life. You can temporarily experience them as hobbies, volunteer work, extra work in your spare time, vacation work… be creative! If you don’t have everything you need to embark on your dream as a profession right now, include it in your life in some other fashion while you move towards the goal of working on it full time. Allow yourself the possibility of enjoying as much of it now as possible and gradually gather knowledge, accumulate experience, increase your vision, and progressively transition into it. Be open to possibilities as you put yourself out there in the middle of the career world that you are pursuing. Opportunities may arise if you are in the right place investing in the right area.
3.      Get informed and find connections – Maybe you will invent a new model to make your dream work by combining and connecting elements that have never been connected before. Who knows what is possible? There are so many examples of people who have found a new way to do what they love and support their families by doing it. Exploring the world around you, you may find a life story that will serve as an example for you to make it a reality. Talk about your dreams with everybody, share your passion, you may find another soul that will work with you on constructing your desired future, or someone who will invest in you, believe in you, and help you achieve your dream. Look for mentors and learn from them.
4.      Don’t take a huge step without being prepared – Survival is a reality that cannot be ignored. Dream big, but with your feet on the ground. Go gradually. Make sure you have everything the market requires of you before making a move, but don’t give up on your dreams either! Keep working towards understanding what is required and increasing your knowledge, experience, and vision. Take the required degrees and certifications at a slower pace, but take them! Once you are ready, then move with courage.
5.      Enjoy the journey – Life tastes better when we are moving towards a dream. Often, the journey has more flavor and joy than the achievement itself. We all need a sense of direction, and our dreams and purpose provide that. Move with a clear direction in mind, celebrate each possible victory, and keep looking for the opportunities to move towards your desired life with a spirit of curiosity, learning, and enjoyment. Don’t wait for things to happen to then be happy. Be grateful for what you have right now.

Your present doesn’t have to determine your future – it’s common jargon, but one that needs to be said over and over again! If your dreams don’t fit your career, extrapolate! Think beyond, to the right, to the left, forward, backward, up, down, in, and out. Look from all angles, explore internally and externally at the micro and macro levels, and explore the most diverse and unimaginable combinations and connections. The world is too infinite for you not to find a good way to accomplish what you desire. Whoever seeks finds it! And it’s never too late! So keep the dream alive and move as you can in that direction now.

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