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We have already written about the importance of having a phenomenal résumé/curriculum, of knowing yourself as a professional and knowing how to articulate your characteristics and personal history, about the need to use and constantly evaluate multiple strategies, about the need to prepare for interviews, about the practice of networking and about the need to know the market and carefully select companies that have to do with you and that give you the opportunity to grow. Today our theme is: what is the advantage, or, in fact what are the advantages of hiring a Career Coach.

I recently heard about a successful entrepreneur and C.E.O., a sexagenarian who has three career coaches in his support network guiding him in three different areas. If a successful senior manager, in his sixties, thinks he needs three coaches, how many coaches does a professional at the beginning or in the middle of his career need? Is there any benefit to hiring a career coach? Eric Schmidt, C.E.O of the Google company thinks so and Sheryl Sandberg, C.E.O. of Facebook too, just to mention a few. If these big names in the market believe it is beneficial, they must be right, correct?


  • How has your performance as a professional been?
  • If you have no job, how long have you been unsuccessfully trying to get a new job position? Don’t you need help?
  • Are you happy with your job?
  • Have you been able to develop healthy relationships in the institution where you work?
  • Are you involved in a conflict, you do not see a solution for it and is it making you feel uncomfortable?
  • Do you have dreams and aspirations and is pursuing their fulfillment?
  • Are you growing professionally or are you stagnant? 
  • Have you been investing in your professional development?
  • How long ago did you receive a raise or get promoted?
  • What is the next step for you in the company hierarchy?
  • Would you like to change your profession, but do not know how to start?
  • Are you unhappy, but do not have any idea about what you would like to do and what profession to embrace?
  • Are you aiming for a leadership role?
  • Do you want to become a better leader?

Our proposal for you:

We are a company that thinks about the bigger picture of our customers’ lives and careers. We are trained and equipped to assist a professional at each stage of his/her career, in the most diverse situations of professional life. Two heads think better than one! Especially if one has the specific training to help you in the task of becoming a valuable professional, committed to high performance.

Our mission at Altitude is:

“Empower professionals with knowledge, tools and skills to navigate
the job market and become the best they can be, motivating them
to seek constant professional development, seeking high
performance and success.”

Here we have listed some of the advantages of the Altitude coaching process:

  • Access to knowledge of market job placement processes;
  • Focus on professional development processes;
  • Help in the professional self-knowledge process combined with a bigger-picture view of who you are as a professional;
  • External perspective of your performance and reality mirroring for you reflection;
  • Impartial view of situations and relationships and development of tools to deal with negotiations and conflicts;
  • Visualization of new perspectives and other possibilities in the contexts in which you navigate;
  • Continuous encouragement and support from someone who has gone through similar processes with other professionals;
  • Identification of blockages and negative behavior patterns, reflection and help in the mentality-changing process to break bad habits;
  • Training and specific knowledge in the areas of job market research, curriculum/résumés, interviews, strategies, networking, LinkedIn, and use of social media in favor of professional goals;
  • Support and direction in the strategic planning of your career and in the process of pursuing professional objectives and goals;
  • Someone to trust with your insecurities and problems and to turn to for resources outside the company’s environment; and
  • Someone to account to so that you remain focused and responsible in the process of pursuing your goals.

For all this and much more, I tell you with confidence and certainty: contract Altitude services! You are bound to benefit from it! It will be worth it! We are here to help. Contact us!

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