What to Do When Your Dream Does Not Fit In Your Current Reality?

How do you choose a path in a world with so many options and so many possibilities? Do you have a dream life in mind? And what if your dreams don’t fit into your current reality? What to do? Is it the end of the possibility of happiness for you? Are you doomed to be unhappy forever?

“Writing a résumé without doing market research is like trying to fit the wrong piece into the puzzle; it doesn’t work!” (Erica Yanney)

Did you know that the most common reason for not being invited to an interview is an inadequate résumé? Did you stop to evaluate yours?

We need the right outfit for the right occasion, the right key to the right door, the right piece for the right opening in the puzzle, and your job search is no different. You need a specific résumé for a specific job announcement. Companies and positions are different. You can’t expect to use the same résumé for all!

UNSTOPPABLE! -How having a defined purpose helps you to not stop in the face of obstacles

During the job search, this fear can paralyze your networking process because you are afraid of judgment, of what others will think of you. It can stop an entire effort to find a new job for fear of rejection in the interviews and the various noes before receiving a yes. This paralysis is a form of sabotage designed to protect us from the pain of rejection and failure. Every sabotage has a reason behind it.

The Superprofessional Who Overcame COVID Challenges: a Résumé for 2021

Up, up and ahead! I hope this is your attitude if you want to job search in 2021. With a market full of unemployed professionals, you will need all your strength, determination, and courage to break through the recruitment barriers and win! COVID has brought several challenges to professionals, including dealing with unemployment and job searching in a market packed with companies fighting to survive and many professionals looking for available jobs. But every crisis also brings opportunities and possibilities with it.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Fasten your Seatbelts on the Flight to a New Job in 2021!

Unemployment was one of the factors that affected several families in 2020 due to the pandemic crisis. Unemployment creates anxiety, affects self-confidence, and puts the unemployed and their families in a position of discomfort and insecurity. As the New Year arrives – and the new vaccines, too – our hearts are full of hope for 2021.

You are a Present for the World

You! Yes! You! You have value, a purpose, talent, education, and many competencies. But does the world know? You are a present to the world! Are you giving yourself to it? Are you communicating and integrating yourself with the network of life: family, friends, and the professional community? So much potential is in you waiting to be discovered; are you out there showing it?

The Benefits of Networking

Many of us have already heard about networking, but what does it really mean? The network process is about developing relationships. Networking is also an exchange process: of information, influence, and favors in which there is a mutual benefit. The principle is very humane. The human being is a social one who grows and blossoms through contact with other people. It is real in life as a whole, and it is also true in professional life. Success and networking walk together, hand in hand! I could not emphasize enough how important networking is. But why?

Creativity – The Differential in Any Crisis

According to Einstein, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” In times of crisis such as this pandemic moment, for instance, it is not only desirable, but extremely necessary. We need to change and adjust. We need a great metamorphosis to face the challenges and uncertainties of this new reality.


We’re in a new world, getting prepared for what the post-COVID world will be like. And nobody knows what it will be. In times of uncertainty, the best we can do is focus on what we know and get ready to face the new.