UNSTOPPABLE! -How having a defined purpose helps you to not stop in the face of obstacles

During the job search, this fear can paralyze your networking process because you are afraid of judgment, of what others will think of you. It can stop an entire effort to find a new job for fear of rejection in the interviews and the various noes before receiving a yes. This paralysis is a form of sabotage designed to protect us from the pain of rejection and failure. Every sabotage has a reason behind it.

What is Your Destination in 2021?

We are in December. A season of joy, festive events, and a time to take stock of the year. Time to celebrate victories, accomplished goals, the growth achieved, breathe deep inside, take a break, check what did not work, and plan the new year.

Creativity – The Differential in Any Crisis

According to Einstein, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” In times of crisis such as this pandemic moment, for instance, it is not only desirable, but extremely necessary. We need to change and adjust. We need a great metamorphosis to face the challenges and uncertainties of this new reality.


We’re in a new world, getting prepared for what the post-COVID world will be like. And nobody knows what it will be. In times of uncertainty, the best we can do is focus on what we know and get ready to face the new.

Strategies of Cultural Adaptation for the Immigrant

Feeling like a fish out of water? Feeling like an alien or excluded from social interaction? Having feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and lack of confidence? These are some of the emotions experienced by those who migrate to a new country. In this article, we’ll talk about strategies to deal with all that and better adapt to your adopted country.

Know Your Full Potential and the Success Cases of Your History

Knowing your abilities, qualities, flaws and the areas in which you need improvement, as well as your history and its professional successes and failures (Yes! everybody fails and nobody needs to be ashamed for that!) is a very important step in seeking a replacement in the work market. Moreover, it is important to know how to articulate this knowledge into the bigger picture with a very clear, objective and concise discourse, using the language oh the market.