Ladies and Gentlemen: Fasten your Seatbelts on the Flight to a New Job in 2021!

Unemployment was one of the factors that affected several families in 2020 due to the pandemic crisis. Unemployment creates anxiety, affects self-confidence, and puts the unemployed and their families in a position of discomfort and insecurity. As the New Year arrives – and the new vaccines, too – our hearts are full of hope for 2021.

The Five Magical Words of Networking

The article is short today. It’s so because the power is, in fact, concentrated on five very simple words. What I’m sharing is really elementary, but at the same time very powerful. Someone requests you to be added, someone follows you or, if you have the LinkedIn Premium, you see a certain person visited your profile. What to do next? Again: it’s pretty simple, but extremely powerful at the same time!

Stepping into Cold Water

An approach for people who are afraid of networking

There is no doubt, and it is common knowledge that networking is one of the fundamental ingredients of a successful career. Why then many people cannot engage in this concrete practice to raise their chances of success in their professional lives? Talking with my clients and with the members of Altitude’s group on WhatsApp, I noticed the following reasons: shyness, lack of confidence, blocking mindsets, fear of being inconvenient or rejected, and unawareness of the importance networking has. Are any of those your reasons? If so, please, keep reading! There are ways to overcome this barrier and take advantage of this marvelous way of connection, self-giving, interaction, learning, and growth that will bear many benefits to your professional life, whether in the job searching process, seeking for a promotion, or pursuing professional development.

You are a Present for the World

You! Yes! You! You have value, a purpose, talent, education, and many competencies. But does the world know? You are a present to the world! Are you giving yourself to it? Are you communicating and integrating yourself with the network of life: family, friends, and the professional community? So much potential is in you waiting to be discovered; are you out there showing it?

The Benefits of Networking

Many of us have already heard about networking, but what does it really mean? The network process is about developing relationships. Networking is also an exchange process: of information, influence, and favors in which there is a mutual benefit. The principle is very humane. The human being is a social one who grows and blossoms through contact with other people. It is real in life as a whole, and it is also true in professional life. Success and networking walk together, hand in hand! I could not emphasize enough how important networking is. But why?

Communication Checkup

It has never been so important to master the art of communication. In times of pandemic, when text messages via applications, emails, or social media posts have become a means to transmit knowledge, data, ideas, and opinions in a more intense way, it’s fundamental to have the necessary competence to communicate in the most effective way possible.