What to Do When Your Dream Does Not Fit In Your Current Reality?

How do you choose a path in a world with so many options and so many possibilities? Do you have a dream life in mind? And what if your dreams don’t fit into your current reality? What to do? Is it the end of the possibility of happiness for you? Are you doomed to be unhappy forever?

Opportunities for Immigrants Do Exist – A Word of Encouragement

I’m working with an American recruiter on writing his resume. As I have access to the assessment documents, awards, and forms that he has filled with information, I realize that his differential is hiring professionals from ethnic minorities. I also understand all the effort his company has made – which name I may not mention, but it is a large and recognized global company – to establish a culture of equality and diversity acceptance.

What is Your Destination in 2021?

We are in December. A season of joy, festive events, and a time to take stock of the year. Time to celebrate victories, accomplished goals, the growth achieved, breathe deep inside, take a break, check what did not work, and plan the new year.

Stepping into Cold Water

An approach for people who are afraid of networking

There is no doubt, and it is common knowledge that networking is one of the fundamental ingredients of a successful career. Why then many people cannot engage in this concrete practice to raise their chances of success in their professional lives? Talking with my clients and with the members of Altitude’s group on WhatsApp, I noticed the following reasons: shyness, lack of confidence, blocking mindsets, fear of being inconvenient or rejected, and unawareness of the importance networking has. Are any of those your reasons? If so, please, keep reading! There are ways to overcome this barrier and take advantage of this marvelous way of connection, self-giving, interaction, learning, and growth that will bear many benefits to your professional life, whether in the job searching process, seeking for a promotion, or pursuing professional development.

The Commitment to Learning a Foreign Language

We live in a highly globalized world where information gets to the other side of the planet through the Internet in a matter of seconds or a few minutes. The language most commonly spoken among the most diverse nationalities is English. However, other relevant languages also need to be valued, such as Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, and French.

The Step-by-Step Process of the Immigrant Job Search

When we migrate to a new country, we restart. It is a new life, a unique opportunity to rethink career, dreams, goals, and general life purpose. Where do you want to get to by the end of your professional career? A range of new possibilities opens up for you with new opportunities and new challenges, too.

Contract a Career Coach

“Empower professionals with knowledge, tools and skills to navigate
the job market and become the best they can be, motivating them
to seek constant professional development, seeking high
performance and success.”

Invest in Networking

We have already written about the importance of having a well-written curriculum that is appropriate to the demands of the work market, the importance of knowing yourself as a professional and knowing how to articulate your characteristics and history, the need to constantly use and evaluate multiple strategies and about the need to get prepared […]

Review Your Strategies

We have already written about resumé/curriculum and self-knowledge; today we are writing about strategy.