What to Do When Your Dream Does Not Fit In Your Current Reality?

How do you choose a path in a world with so many options and so many possibilities? Do you have a dream life in mind? And what if your dreams don’t fit into your current reality? What to do? Is it the end of the possibility of happiness for you? Are you doomed to be unhappy forever?

Altitude Résumé Data Collection Process – Part 3

Many people don’t know how to do their professional marketing. It happens for a straightforward reason: they don’t know what they’re worth! They do not recognize their value as a professional and the value they bring to a company. At Altitude, we listen to your stories, and through carefully targeted questioning, we help you discover the gold in them and the best way to write it. It is the third phase of our curriculum writing process: the career inventory.

“Writing a résumé without doing market research is like trying to fit the wrong piece into the puzzle; it doesn’t work!” (Erica Yanney)

Did you know that the most common reason for not being invited to an interview is an inadequate résumé? Did you stop to evaluate yours?

We need the right outfit for the right occasion, the right key to the right door, the right piece for the right opening in the puzzle, and your job search is no different. You need a specific résumé for a specific job announcement. Companies and positions are different. You can’t expect to use the same résumé for all!

I immigrated to a new country, now what?

At Altitude, our goal is to help immigrants in this journey of transformation and career advancement abroad. Plan your career, pursue professional development, challenge yourself, and find professional happiness in your new country.

The Superprofessional Who Overcame COVID Challenges: a Résumé for 2021

Up, up and ahead! I hope this is your attitude if you want to job search in 2021. With a market full of unemployed professionals, you will need all your strength, determination, and courage to break through the recruitment barriers and win! COVID has brought several challenges to professionals, including dealing with unemployment and job searching in a market packed with companies fighting to survive and many professionals looking for available jobs. But every crisis also brings opportunities and possibilities with it.

Contract a Career Coach

“Empower professionals with knowledge, tools and skills to navigate
the job market and become the best they can be, motivating them
to seek constant professional development, seeking high
performance and success.”

Study the Work Market and Invest In Compatible Companies

We have already written about the importance of having a well-written curriculum that is appropriate to the market demands, about the importance of knowing yourself as a professional and knowing how to articulate your characteristics and history, about the need to use and constantly evaluate multiple strategies, about the need to prepare for interviews and about the practice of networking. Today our theme is: work market and companies.

Know Your Full Potential and the Success Cases of Your History

Knowing your abilities, qualities, flaws and the areas in which you need improvement, as well as your history and its professional successes and failures (Yes! everybody fails and nobody needs to be ashamed for that!) is a very important step in seeking a replacement in the work market. Moreover, it is important to know how to articulate this knowledge into the bigger picture with a very clear, objective and concise discourse, using the language oh the market.