Altitude’s résumé data collection process – Part 4

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years in the past. The second best season is now.” (Chinese proverb)

Are you keenly aware that the seeds you plant now are the ones you will reap in the future?

Today I will comment on the last phase of data collection for the resumé. In this part, what matters is having the expected degrees, demonstrating a commitment to continuous professional development, and describing recognition, awards, and professional products. At Altitude, we advise you on the best ways to impress with your credentials.

I usually tell the young people I mentor that most candidates for a certain position will have the same or similar background. What then can differentiate you from the crowd?
Extracurricular activities, visits to conferences, symposiums, and related events, membership in fraternities, activities involving leadership, participation in research projects, publication of articles and the like, volunteering inside and outside the institution, relevant internships, involvement in professional associations, honorable mentions and awards, excellent grades, and distinctive letters of recommendation from their professors.

Another essential factor, especially for more senior applicants, is to demonstrate commitment to continuous development by citing courses, lectures, conferences, symposiums, and other similar events in which you participated. Citing relevant IT skills is paramount nowadays, especially for professionals above their fifties. Portfolios, articles, books, recitals, exhibitions, patents, and many other products could help to cause a positive impression and make you an ideal candidate. The key is relevance in proving you have what it takes and goes above the average candidate.

We could say that some of these elements are like a cherry at the top of a sundae, it is a small part, but it makes an impactful difference in the overall impression about a candidate. It could be the tipping point, the small differential that will make you be selected over another candidate.

Do you have an impressive educational background? Are you continually taking courses? Are you collaborating with your field? Do you belong to a professional association? If not YET, the best time is now! Focus on activities and results that can get you hired in the future.

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