Altitude Résumé Data Collection Process – Part 3

Did you know that one of the best results of our résumé writing process is discovering the unique value you have? How much are you worth? Do you know your full potential? What are your results?

Many people don’t know how to do their professional marketing. It happens for a straightforward reason: they don’t know what they’re worth! They do not recognize their value as a professional and the value they bring to a company. At Altitude, we listen to your stories, and through carefully targeted questioning, we help you discover the gold in them and the best way to write it. It is the third phase of our curriculum writing process: the career inventory.

The central question here is: how do you achieve results? How do you do what you do, what results do you generate for the companies, and what is the impact on the bottom line? For a company, your value lies in the results you can produce. Proving through clear examples that you not only do what you do, but you do it successfully, generating clear and tangible benefits to companies is the best way to prove your worth.

A résumé should not be a tiresome job description; everybody with the same position can describe it in the same way; there is no point in that. It needs to tell a dynamic story of powerful realizations and outstanding results. It should be a superhero story, showing how you save companies by solving problems, preventing losses, innovating, optimizing processes, and generating growth and revenue, fulfilling your role beyond expectations.

At Altitude, we don’t invent false stories. We simply hunt treasures. We find gold mining through commonalities of professional life. We highlight the hidden grandeur of your actions from seemingly irrelevant stories by describing them in a vocabulary that brings to life the daily successes that are already so common for you and you may not even notice. It’s all a matter of angle, perspective, and understanding the market expectations. We are masters at it! It is one of our great differentiators – this ability to describe everything you do in a phenomenal way.

“I don’t believe in my own career,” exclaimed a client, who said that nothing was interesting about what she did and who ended up discovering, for example, that she saved millions for one of the companies she worked for, avoiding fines and optimizing import processes.

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