Altitude Résumé Data Collection Process – Part 2

Did you know that no professional DNA is the same? What is yours? How do you sell your fish? What is your differential? What makes you unique? What are your most relevant strengths, competencies, and soft skills? What is your value offer? These are crucial questions in the second round of exploration for résumé writing.

We can all fly, but the way our devices approach flying may be very different. The combinations and variations are endless. So, what distinguishes you and the way you work? How can you prove that you have what it takes to meet the market expectations raised in the previous phase of the résumé data collection (marketing research)? You need to think about your branding! Your personal brand.

There are many professionals in your field, but there is undoubtedly something special you can offer that others cannot! Deeper knowledge, extensive experience, cultural intelligence, language, unique experiences, patents, connections, etc. At this stage, we help you explore who you are as a professional, your singularity.

Another aspect of it is your targeted audience. What niche market do you serve? What sub-areas? Are you applying to a very specific segment or taking a broader approach. These is also a very important consideration that can significantly change the wording and focus of your résumé.

It is a difficult process for many of our customers! “It’s hard to see the label from the inside of the jar!” Phrases like: “I’m not special!”, “There’s nothing special about what I do”, “I just do my job!”, and others like these abound in our sessions. Our clients are often surprised by the discoveries we facilitate in the sessions! Through intriguing questions, we help them identify powerful achievements and strengths that they were never aware they had! It is transformative! A surprising process that makes them see the value in themselves!

Whether you’re a butterfly, a hang-glider, a supersonic, a rocket, or any other flying device, I am sure you have value, there is a company somewhere looking for someone like you! And we’re here to help you unravel it and highlight it on your résumé in the most astounding way possible!

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